vote mob

vote mob
A crowd, organized via social networks, that gathers to encourage young people to vote in an upcoming election. —v.
vote mobbing pp.
Example Citations:
A new mob is arising in Canada, and this one should be heartily encouraged. It's the "vote mob" movement that in recent days has been spreading to universities across the country, including McGill in Montreal, and consists of young people urging their peers to get out and vote in the coming federal election.
—" An admirable push to get out the youth vote:," Montreal Gazette, April 16, 2011
The youth vote has become one of the hottest topics in the federal election campaign, as "vote mobs" of students have taken place across Canada and videos encouraging young people to cast ballots on May 2 have gone viral on social networks.
—" Youth vote: Are you seeing more engagement among young people?:," CBC, April 27, 2011
Earliest Citation:
New Voters Project members attribute their success partly to their refusal to tell potentially interested voters which candidates to support. But both Democratic and Republican organizations doing grass-roots work say they are having success through peer-to-peer contacts.
One Washington-based group, 21st Century Democrats, has started a "Vote Mob" project aimed at registering 1 million new young voters in Oregon, Minnesota and Ohio using a mix of paid staffers and volunteers and $2.1 million in funds.
—Chuck McCutcheon, " Old ways still work best to attract young voters:," Newhouse News Service, July 27, 2004
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